Where is Kine?

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Do you remember the child book series “Where is Willy”? I do and I play a similar game with my friends almost every week, we play “where is Kine”. There is a good reason for us to play this game and that is because whenever me and Kine get invited to things my standard answer have become: Yes, and Kine will come to, if she is in Norway.

If you  remember Kine from when she was a child you will know that to get her to sit still is an achievement. After she grew older, it’s not enough to just run around anymore. She have to see new places. She cant be in the same country for more then six months in a row. Its utterly impossible. She started this behaviour after moving to Lillehammer, after that she went six months to Værnes, six months in USA, one Month in Ghana, one Month in Ecuador, to or three weeks in Azerbaijan amongst a lot of other shorter trips to Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Italy and places around Norway.

Right now, in the most intensive shopping weeks of the year she could just sit still in Oslo, she had to go to Durban. She have been there for about two weeks now and there is still ten more days until she comes home (for two days). The reason for going to Durban is the climate negotiations (COP17.) She is send there on behalf of a volunteer organisation called Spire, as from what I have understood they are there to get first hand information about what that really goes on and to lobby a little bit to push towards a better tomorrow for all of us.

Since Kine and her friends don’t participate directly in the climate conference they do a lot of other fun stuff, one example is that they made up a Robin Hood prize for the countries that do a 180 and become pro FTT (Read about FTT here) they also arrange shooting with bow and arrow just to put everything into a Robin Hood context and maybe trying to convince a few people about how smart FTT really is. Here you can see some images from the event. Another thing that Kine and her peers think is really important is the renewal of the Kyoto protocol, and since there is little they can do about it directly they made a video promoting the voice of people from many countries.

Did you see the hidden message in the movie? I did.
in most movies nowadays people undress, but here everyone was puting clothes on, even the ones with a I<3KP t shirt did put another one on. This must mean that they wants it to be colder all over the world and not warmer as it currently is getting. If we continue with the same pollution rates as we do today the world average temperature will rise with 4 degrees Celsius within 2100 instead of the 2 they really are aiming for in the Kyoto protocol.

Yesterday I also found a clip on NRKs web site with a interview with Lan Marie, a friend of Kine from the same organisation, Spire, she was talking about the climate and about how much she wants things to happened right now. Erik Solheim did also participate in the interview through a recording. You can see it here. WHY U NO EMBED?

If you want to read more about what that have happened at COP17 you can read more on Kines blog http://pacelg.com/kines or at spires blog http://inspirerende.wordpress.com/.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to see my girl again and to play “Where is Kine now” on Monday. (Hint: She will be traveling in Africa)




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