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I don’t write a lot, but when I write scientific I use LaTeX. If you are above average in the field of common sense, you figured that I rather seldom write stuff in LaTeX, and that means that every time I’m writing stuff in LaTeX I must use google a lot. One could say that I should write my thesis and article in Word instead, but where is the challenge in that, everything have a time limit, and I can’t risk holding that limit by using easy tools. No, I like living on the edge, therefore I use tools I don’t know well and use the time I should have been using writing my thesis on googling how to format one little piece of text.

These days I’m writing an article on how to improve transitions written in ThingML and showing of the great results I get, but writing an article is a little different from writing the master thesis, for starters, there is no front page, and it have to be in two columns. Needless to say I didn’t know how to do that, so I googled, I found, I wrote. Here I will put my article template for further reference.



\title{Something about ThingML Transitions}
    Jan Ole Skotterud\\
    Institute for Informatics\\
    University in Oslo\\


The abstract text goes here.

Here is the text of your introduction.

\subsection{Subsection Heading Here}
Write your subsection text here.

Write your conclusion here.


This will provide the foundation to write great articles that can be approved and cherished in scientific circles.

I also figured that my supervisor also might wan’t to have his name on the top of the first page and that required me to do some more googleing, the result that came back was the little but efficient TeX command \and, and there I could add more authors. Like this:

    Jan Ole Skotterud\\
    Institute for Informatics\\
    University in Oslo\\
    First Last\\

And just like that I have made my first reference blog post for LaTeX.
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Hehe, I also wanted a LaTeX related image for the header, so I googled latex, not a clever idea…..

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