Tic Tac Toe

I saw a cool Tic Tac Toe tutorial on instructables.com and decided to create my own version. I wanted to use a Nintendo DS touch panel, Arduino and nine RGB LEDs.

This is the first prototype made just so I could remember the orientation of the 2n222 NPN transistor, I had also started to mount the LED’s

Here all the LEDs, resistors and half of the transistors were in place

Added the rest of the Transistors and soldered the wires on to the curcuit board

Added some wires on the back side,

The next thing to do is some testing, and mapping the LEDs to corresponding places on the touch screen.

Then it is time to make a nice casing for the game, I used red plastic that I cut and bendt into the shape if a box. I also cut out a large hole with mounting brackets for the screen.

Then it was time time mount everything, it was har to fit everything into the small box.

Luckily I labeled all the wires before I started to mount things.

After some time of finding loose wires ang cloosing the box, everything turned out great. It is fantastic.


And here you can watch a short video of the great game:

Source code will come as soon as I manage to upload pde files with wordpress