Rainbow cake

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Yesterday a challenge appeared, and I enjoy a good challenge, needless to say I jumped on it and got to work. The challenge was to make a mind blowing or totally awesome cake. Why? because I wanted to do it and apparently a lot of people wanted me, and nobody else, to make them cake.

So, as you can see everybody (at least all ten of them) voted on me, and my though was that if they wanted me to make them cake, I sure would make them some great cake.

The next step of my cake plan was to get some inspiration and I googled terms like “cool cake” and “awesome cake”. I don’t remember which term that guided me towards the great idea, but I found a rainbow cake with a lot of colors inside, it looked fantastic. It just had to be that cake. Now I needed a lot of things, mostly regular cake baking things like flour, sugar, eggs and so on, but also real good and vibrant food coloring stuff. Kine told me about this great store called Cacas, I googled it and found that they had everything cake related that you can ever need so I went there and bought eight colors and some pens that can draw on cakes.

After i came home again I consulted with Kines mother about the cake bottoms and the marzipan. She know her cakes and you can see some of them here if the album is public http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.1474505429696.2064173.1445499252&type=3.

Then it was just to get cooking, I mixed the batter and splited it into five parts. The cool thing about this recipe is that if you make it, it will weigh almost exactly 1000g which means that it is rather easy to divide it into five equal parts. Then I took one part an mixed in the color. I used maybe a little to much color since my pink became red as well, but no harm done anyways. Then I threw each layer in the oven for about ten minutes. I also made a completely new batter and mixed all the colors in it. Guess what, it became brown.Then it was just to wait for every thing to cool down, while waiting i whipped together some some cream, and I found a pack of vanilla cream in the fridge.


Ca 5 eggs
250g sugar
190g flour
140g potato flour
1 ts baking powder

Mix the eggs and the sugar.
Then mix in the rest.
Put into oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 25 minutes

Then it was time to start stacking the cake layer for layer. I started off with one cake bottom, soaked it a little with a little saft (yes that is a norwegian word). Then I added raspberry jam and a new cake layer. From here on out I used whipped cream and vanilla cream for every other layer and stacked all the colored layers on top of each other.

Then I covered the rest of the cake in cream an put marzipan on top of the whole cake. The I decorated it with different drawings with references to games, programing, Ifi, cartoons and the Internet. Everything was something that meant something to someone in our group.

Here some pictures from the baking process and the eating process will follow:

Also thanks to Lill for this cool comment:

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