PartyJar is a simple yet estatic art piece. It was simple to make and serves no purpose beyond looking good. If you day looks grey, turn on the PartyJar and life will take a turn to the better.

Take a look at the simple way to build one yourself and admire the pure awesomeness of collor changing leds.


First of I needed something to put my creation inside, and a old Jam Jar was a perfect solution. Here it is laying in water to loosen the label.

Then it’s time to bring out the solering iron, the color changing RGB leds and some resistors, here I used 330ohm.

Solder them in stacks, anode agains anode, and cotode agains catode. I soldered them in rows of six, this fittet perfectly inside my jar

I made three rows of the fast changing leds, and three of the slow changin leds

Then i drilled three holes in the lid, matching the holes in my perfboard. It is not required to use a round perfboard, but I tought that since i have them i might as well use them, and I didn’t have to cut my own board.

ThenI test mounted the lid and the perfboard. The metalic beams I got from a robot kit I bought with the money I got from my 24th birthday.

Then I soldered the rows of leds to the board, and soldered one resistor to each row, the resistors were soldered togheter in the middle.

Then I added a on off swith on the lid, I just bendt it out with a plyed and fittet it inside, the i soldered the battery pack and the wires together. I fittet the battery in between the lid and the perfboard, there is a little ekstra room in there so it makes a little sound when you shake it around.

Anyhow, when I put the lid back on the jar and turnet it onmy livingroom became an instant party. This jar is comming with me on future parties. Just look how nice it is.

And at last a little video