LED Clock

I got an Arduino Lilypad for christmas one year and had it laying around without a cool project to use it on. I had a idea bout making a music making sweater with it but never got around to actually do it. At some point I saw a cool LED clock on the interwebs and desided to make my own variant. Så I dug up my Lilypad, some LEDS and some shift registers, went to IKEA and bought a nice fitting frame. It had to look nice if I wanted to have it hanging in the apartment.

The fist step wast to test drill to make sure the shift registers actually fits through the plate, they have rather short legs and dont come more than 0,5 – 1 mm through on the other side, so this would be a challenge.I also marked where the holes for the Lilypad would go.

After marking the holes for the shift registers I drilled all the holes and marked them with their function, for example 5v, GND, Led1, Led2 and so on.

Here I have also marked the aproximate position of the leds and the shift registers are in place for the moment.

Now I spraypaintet the front side of the plate white so it would look nice and stylish.

Now it was time to add some wires to the shift registers so theyd wouldn’t fall out. I didn’t want to glue them to the board since glue have a tendency to get everywhere when I use it.

Here I have added some more wires and haveput the leds in palce and bended their legs.

From the front it still looks pretty nice.

From the back it looks like a mess without proportions. The resistors have been soldered on the leg of the LEDs

More and more wires find their way to the board. I must say it was rather hard to solder all the wires on to the shift registers because of the rather limited space that was availabl

Then it was time to put on the Lilypad, and as you can see it looks kinda nice and stylish ;)


The backside still looks like a mess. Here I have soldered the most wires to the lilypad board, I have also added a collection point for ground, and one for 3,3V. I have also added a connector for a wall adapter.

Here you can see a testrun of the clock.

And here I have oput it up on the side of the closet.

As you can see it is not easy to distinguish the LEDs on the picture, but it is in real life. Now the big issue is: How do I get power to it on a regualre basis, I dont have any wall outlet that are near by and we are not allowed to hang anything on our walls so I cant put it near a outlet either.

The next step to complete this clock is to add two reed switches so I can sett the time more easily then what I can now. Now I have to set the time in the code and turn it on, not the best way.
The clock also run one second wrong in 24 hours, this is probably a code issue.