Last exam ever (maybe)

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A couple of days ago i had my last exam ever, I hope, and I think it went rather great. I had done amazing preparations for this exam,  Kyrre  printed all the papers he found usable for the exam and made me a copy of the printouts. Then I was all set. Actually I did skim through the papers before the exam so I wasn’t completely unprepared. During the exam I actually learned a couple of things and I feel like I truly understood narrowing and supplementing for the first time. This is pointing towards a stable C. There was one thing that I was insecure about that Kyrre did not print (curse him) and that was the CORAS before after diagrams. So on the question on how many threats there were in the before diagram I had to guess, but because f the diagram had three treats and each with a different symbol, the correct answer was two. I argued for that by saying that one of the threat had a remove symbol, another one had a new symbol and the third had a no-change symbol. Easy Peasy, but which symbol is which, hell if I know.

After the exam, that only lasted two hours for my part, I even think I was the first to deliver….. When I went out of the room where the exam were held I meet a cool cat, I named him Catty. He or she was laying on the mat outside and it seemed like he (or she) was waiting for someone inside. If that is the case it was a really cool cat. Anyhow, the important part was that it was a cosy cat and I petted it f several minutes before I left. It was a good time. then I went home and celebrated with a grandiose pizza and played Splinter cell conviction with Kyrre.

Here is a picture of my hand petting the cat.

Cat, School

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