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I was away shopping for Christmas today and therefore I won a free sample of Kinder’s newest invention….. times two. Doubles, check em

Anyhow, I decided to check them out like the gourmet I am, so this will be a dead serious test. Just as serious as the movie “Der Untergang”. Lets start out with the wrapper, as you can see it have the same old and easily recognisable kinder wrapping with orange and withe colors. That is definitely a plus because then kids don’t have to learn to read. They can just check out the colors of the candy instead.

Lets unwrap these sweets and take a look. The first one, the Milk-Slice, looks just like a sandwich (wonder if a women invented it (phun intended(what pun?(this starts to seem like LISP)))).

The second one, the Pingui, looked like a small twinkie (note that the author of this writings have never seen a twinkie in real life), or maybe a shrunken Troika if it haven’t been for the fact that it was a little bit moshed together.

Now, the taste test. The first one was not that good. The white thing in the middle tasted like the white thing between cheap crackers, and the brown thing on the outside tasted dry. Not a Kinder Winner. The Pingui on the other hand, did not taste like the first one. I really liked the white stuff inside, and the chocolate was about average compared to a slice of bread. This makes me wonder, why cant you just put that epic chocolate you have used in the Kinderegg in these two newcomers? Would that be so hard?

Anyhow, I rate both of Kinders new inventions to two defecating stars.

Suck it Kinder Company.


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