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Last saturday we had a Idea festival at the University of Oslo and I was way to much involved ;) To this festival I, and Kine, had build a large LED cube that measured two meters in all directions. This cube was lifted to hang underneath the roof in the circus tent. So this was rather huge for me, and nerve wrecking too see the cube beeing lifted up. All that floated around in my mind was “what to do when it falls down”. Luckily it didn’t fall.

During this festival we also showed of Loopy, and it seemed like a lot of people enjoyed to play with it, even though it became quite clear to us that not everyone quite understood how it worked.

The Music Impro app also had a stand and people played a lot with the phones there, Music was comming from everywhere.

I also got to show of my small LED cube and my Tic Tac Toe box.

You can see some pictures from the festival here.



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