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Lately, a lot have been going on, and therefore the activity have not been very high on this site, also there have been different things on this site that haven’t been up to pair that have contributed to me not wanting to do anything here. But now I feel like I have the time and energy to write again, and I decided to do just so.

Quite a lot have been going on lately, for example I have participated in the first (hopefully annually) Oslo Mini Maker Faire, this was extremely cool, and I got to display my newly made BeatTable project which is three record players which plays pattern based music. more about this in a later blog post with pictures.

Also as you might understand, the two last weeks before this went to make this project. The project will also get it’s own blog post in the near future.

During the Easter, Kines younger brother Mads came to visit us, and we took him to a visit to The Gathering, Norway’s largest LAN, there might come some pictures from this event as well. During The Gathering I got the honor of being talked about during a presentation on the main stage, which was pretty awesome :)

I have been programing a lot for the red cross during the past few months as well, they have gotten upgrades to their Café sales program, and their visitor registration program, and they seems to work better then the old java implementations which is great. I have also programed a lot of php for the mobile music app project RattleJam lately, and now i am currently making API for the services our server are to provide to the users of the application, sponsors and other stakeholders.

At work I am currently without a real project, so I program a little and read a little for certifications, more about this later as well, and I will also write a little about a game I started to write (again).

I have also ordered a shitload of new electronic stuff on the Internet, I will write about some of it, also my new voltage measurement tool (cant remember the name right now) is pretty cool. he will get a post in a little while (yes it is a he).

I will also rant a little about how much I want a gaming computer, especially after seeing all the nice graphics at The Gathering, dayum.


Anyway, I think I will finnish this nonessential, almost non-informative post here and go to bed. Maybe something will show up here tomorrow if I’m not to busy writing API’s

Happy browsing

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