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This is a collective review of the movies Starship troopers 2 and three, and i must start of with saying that I started to write this review for about a week ago when I saw the two movies for the first time. The two movies motivated my a lot to write this review, and I wanted to write this review in a review system for wordpress, which meant that I had to find a good review plugin. there were none. This eventually resulted in me having to spend precious time writing my own plugin to have access to all the functionality that I wanted, but more on that later.

Starship troopers is a great movie that I have seen many times since it first came out in 1997, it have great animations, super effects and superduper hidden messages about the American society although most people think that it is references to the Nazis.

So back to movie two and three in the series, as the first one had a budget of 100 000 00 dollars, and number two and three had a budget of approximately 9 000 000 and 7 000 000 dollars they were doomed to not keep the standard of the first one. (ref

I have always heard a lot of crap about those movies, and therefore I have never watched them before now, and now I wish that I could use four hours to unsee them. It was bad, really bad.

The second movie was the best of those two, it had the same great animations from the first movie, I figure that they just reused it, fair enough.  But they changed the complete cast,  what is that all about? No more Neil Patric Harris and Carmen Electra. What have the world come two? According to the movie it had come to be a worse place….

Damn, I don’t want to write more about those crappy movies, but here comes some more. The third movie was a fuck up without any equal. The animations were badder, much badder. It’s like they hired two 10 year old kids to re animate everything. The guy who played John Ricco in the first movie was back, but unfortunately he was not allowed to do any acting in the movie, they just filmed him saying emotionless uninspired lines and sometimes he shoot at things. They also included Christianity and faith in the movie as one of the main things. And they even tried to display it as it was faith in god who ultimately saved the human race. What a bunch of bullshit.

If i ever but these movies, it must be so I can break them and throw them away.

I give them a solid 1 in total even though Starship troopers 2 was slightly better.

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