Evil Vimbot

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A couple of years ago I bought a Vimbot from my friend Kyrre at Desucon. A Vimbot is a small vinyl figure that you can draw, paint, modify as you see fit. I have for a long time been thinking about what I should do with it without anything great coming to mind.

During my lazy Saturday an Idea came to mind and I ran all the three meters to my electronic stash, lifted it down and found everything that I needed to make my Vimbot rather cool. It wasn’t much stuff I needed, only two 3mm red LEDS,  one 3mm blue LED, three 330ohm resistors, one 9v battery plug and one 9v battery. The tools I needed was a knife, a soldering iron, glue, a 3mm drill bit and a 5mm drill bit.

I don’t have any work in process pictures since this is a easy to do modification and I think that if anyone who sees this and wan’t to replicate it in some way is able to do it without me holding their hands.

On the front I have drilled two 3mm holes for the red LEDs to go in, they have to be put in from the back side because of the rim on the bottom og the LED.

In the back I have drilled two 5mm holes and pushed the two red LEDs into the eye holes. I also cut away some material on the bottom and put the blue LED inside pointing upwards, then glued it in place. Then I soldered the resistors in place, one on each positive LED pin. and then soldered the leads from the three resistors to each other. Then I soldered the battery plug to both the positive and the negative leads.

This is how it looks plugged in standing on top of a speaker on my shelf.

If you wan’t to buy your own Vimbot or other kind of cool vinyl figure, Kyrre is selling all his figures here: http://www.finn.no/finn/torget/tilsalgs/annonse?finnkode=32544523

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