Egg carton Lights

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After making the Party in a Jar I wanted to create more but it is boring to make the same things over and over again, so I descided to look for something else to make and in the spirit of recyceling, which Kine is very fond of, I found three old egg cartons. Egg carton have nice shapes and have potential to become a lot of cool stuff, it is just a mather of geting the right idea at the right time.

I got an idea, and it was hopefully at the right time. If you turn an egg carton upsidedown you can see five deep holes and I figured tht if I could fill those holes with light it would look rather nice. And indeed it did. I must be some kind of an average genious (did I spell that right?).

So what I did was to fit one rgb blinking led in each top (or bottom) of the egg carton egg divider sphere, soldered them to some wires, added a battery and woila, it looks pretty from the sides, it is in fact a litle to bright when you watch it straight on, but not as bright as in the videos . My phone camera have an isue with led lights.

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