Early Christmas

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For me, Christmas came early this year. I didn’t need to wait until the 24th to unwrap gifts, because I have been a really good boy this year and ordered a lot of gifts to myself (among others) on eBay and amazon. So today when I went home to my parents I had a lot of packages lying there and waiting for me. Just to switch topic a little bit, my parents cat really seems to miss me as he absolutely must lie on my arm while I’m trying to write this. Here is a picture.

Back to the main track. The packages that surprised me the most was the two from amazon. Amazon had promised me delivery in mid January and here they were, they both arrived today actually. In these packages I got three books, namely David Thorns epic book: “The Internet is a playground”, Make’s “Electronic” and “Electronic Circuits for dummies”. I had also bought the book “Ready Player One” for myself now right before Christmas so I will be doing some reading before new years eve. All in an brave attempt to read more then I did last year. Here is a picture of my planned readings.

If you are one of the lucky few with better memory capacity than a goldfish you might recall that I also ordered myself some stuff from eBay and here you can see what I got.

Here I have two new Arduino cards, a bluetooth module, some voltage regulators, a lot of hall sensors (magnetic sensors), round PBC’s and the grand price, three 555 Astable kits. I have tried several times to make these myself but have been doing something wrong since I haven’t got’n any sound from my circuits, but now I am doomed to get it right because here all the right components are in place and a custom PCB are included all to make this a rich experience. Just hope that I have a 9volt battery laying around somewhere.


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