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For those of you that have played Dragon, Fly, you know how awesome it is. For some days ago I completed the game and was quite satisfied about it, but then the creators of the game came with an update, adding several new elements to the game and, this is the worst part, deleted all progression.

I had to start over, oh noes…. But then again I had already completed it, I can do it again, I thought.
I had great progression until I reached a goal of getting a score of 25000 which seems impossible.
My high score is currently just above 19k. This is madness, it feels impossible.

One of the game elements they introduced was potions. These potions can give you higher speed, make speed vials into diamonds or give you easier access to fire mode. Seems legit. These potions all costs diamonds, diamonds are collectible in the game, though at a slow rate. The cheapest potion costs 3000 diamonds. Diamonds are however purchasable through “in game purchase” which is the fancy new way of making money. And the prices are hilariously high.

And then my question is: Is it possible to reach a score of 25000 without using potions? Or do I have to play for hours to collect enough to but potions? (Purchasing them is out of the option, because of the damn high prices).

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