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Dear diary, now I have pulled an all nighter at the university, more precise on the sixth floor of Ole Johan Dahls hus. I have been pretty much alone here since 23.00 last night, but now, 08:12 I’m not alone anymore. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of impact that will have on my productivity. Because if I am honest, I must say that the amount of work that I have managed to do the last hours does not justify me  awake. But at least I have gotten around to see a astonishing amount of YouTube videos, and I enjoyed it.

Of all the free places in thyis room, the guy who just came (a guy I don’t know or have any intention to get to know) sat down on the computer directly opposite to me (maybe he wants to get to know me), this makes me unable to stretch my legs without touching hes feet’s. Damn douche bag. Why couldn’t he have sat down on a computer across the room, didn’t he see all my papers and stuff that take up three spaces. Didn’t he slightly think about the possibility that I would like to be as free of other people as possible?

The great thing about pulling all nighters at the sixth floor is to sit by the window and watch out all night an see how the amount of people on the outside sinks to the bare minimum and hours later rise to so many people that you start to wonder if every citizen in Oslo decided to walk by forskningsparken on their way to work today. And at the same time feel that your eyelids are becoming so heavy that you start pulling your feet’s further and further behind so that your eyelids wont fall down and crush your toes. Amazing feeling. Not to mention the feeling of energy drinks that rushes through your veins now and then and kick starts your system so that you can write two more sentences before resorting to YouTube again.

Damn, he is so high that I can exactly see hes eyes above the computer monitor, why?, why?, WHY? Go sit somewhere else.  I hate you right now. Why couldn’t you have been a good student and delivered your thesis by now? If I knew that I had to sit here being watched by you, I would have delivered my thesis….

And why is it that writing this stupid blogpost is so much easier and goes so much faster then wrigting the same amount of text in my thesis. If I could write my thesis with the same pace I would be done during this week. But I guess that I won’t be. Dam you eye-above-monitor-guy.

Time to open up a new can of burn…..

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