Birthday at School

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I must start of by saying thanks to all my friends, most of you congratulated me on facebook, but some of you went the extra mile to make my birthday a really special day. The day started as any other day, I went to school to work. When I got there, some of the girls that I study with had been planning a little surprise. They had decorated the masters room on the sixth floor with balloons and glittery stuff. They all had birthday hats, Åshild had baked buns with nonstop inside, they were delicious and Lill had made me a really cool crown. It was made of origami flowers in different colors and she must have used a lot of time on that.

Through the day a lot of people came by to congratulate me, I even got some sweet gifts. Some of the gifts I got was cola, bamsemums, cola, Kinderegg, cola, a thsirt with linux. cola, cola, a origami bird ++.

After a while Kine came by with food and cake, and the timing was great. It had been just enough time since lunch so most people managed to eat some more cake. You can never eat enough cake.

After most people had went home, I got some time alone at school to actually get some work done and after half an hour Frode called and we went to his place and took a couple of beers. Life was good.

Then it was time to get home and spend the last hour of the day with Kine. From her I got two expansion packs to Dominion. I got Cornucopia and Alchemy. We played a couple of rounds and then the last sms ticked in. And guess what, I had become an uncle again.

Ulrik came to the world 17.01.12 22:34. Weight 2440g and was 49 cm long.

Sooooo, little nephew. I guess we will have to come to an agreement on the newly acquired birthday issue……..

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  1. BFF says:

    You are very much welcome! ;)

  2. xXx says:

    Høres ut som en konge bursdag :) Dominion er awesome

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