Beer test: Monty Pythons Holy (Gr)ail

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When I saw this beer in the store I just knew that I had to buy two, one to keep forever and beyond and one to taste, enjoy and have fun with. This is my first ever beer review and I am so glad that the first beer to get evaluated by a so experienced beer drinker like me, is the Monty Python Holy (Gr)ail. I have been a fan of Monty Pythons work for many years and their old jokes will still crack me up for many years to come.

This beer is a strait reference to one of Monty Pythons three cult movies, namely the one with the under title “and The Holy Grail”. I really can’t decide if I like this movie the best or Life of Brian which at some point were banned for blasphemy in Norway. Based on this I can only give the beer three stars out of six based on movie reference.

But since it is Monty Python I will yank it up to a six:

In the movie we get to meet several profound characters such as Sir Lancelot, Sir Robin and the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Lancelot. These are among the heroes in the movie, but this is a diverse movie so it also have some villains, such as the Black knight
and the killer Rabbit

Luckily the Black Knight could easily be defeated by a broadsword and the Evil Rabbit with the holy grenade.

The holy grenade have also been featured in super awesome mega cool games such as Worms.

Hmmm, did I get sidetracked? Well I’m straight on with beer testing from here on. This possibly great beer is said to be tempered over burning witches, at least it says so on the bottle. This statement adds the expected Monty Python humor to the whole experience and is a great plus in favor for this beer. The label is also in a very general and generically way yellow and since yellow is Kines favourite colour, this must be a great feature for a beer. Another thing that is yellow is the skin of the Lego men that are featured in the movie in a sing and dance sequence in Camelot, that was such a great part of the movie combining the best for both children and adults. Here is a quick picture.

Time to review some beer again. This time I will take a look at the smell, or rather smell the scent of this (maybe) delicious beer.
After opening the cap I smell the scent of beer, oh really you might say. Yes I answer. Since it smells like beer instead of puke I give it five stars

Why not six you might ask. Well It didn’t smell like flowers.

Now how about color, I poured this bad boy into some type of glass I found in the kitchen and at first glance it seemed quite brownish. I then proceeded to wait a little and then the foam decided to go play hide and seek and I threw another glance at the glass and the beer was still looking quite brownish. This made me quite sure, it looks like beer. Six stars

Now it is time for tasting, after my first swallow, I’m not sure if it was a African or European swallow but I could not trace any taste of coconut which in fact rules out the African swallow since that is the only swallow that can remain the air-speed velocity while carrying a coconut. This is in fact backed up by a scientific argument taking place from 1:50 in this video

I actually glad it was a European swallow because I hate the taste of coconut in alcoholic beverages. Anyhow it tasted like beer and if you like beer you might like this beer to, if you are more in favor of the darker kinds of beer you might not like this one as much. And if you are a teenager just started drinking you probably don’t like this beer as all, just like all other beers. If I drink this sober it’s OK. If I drink it drunk it’s more than awesome. It’s time to rate this bad boy, and taste wise I’m aiming at a solid four stars

Now I have rated this beer in respect to many areas such as taste, smell, looks, movie references etc. which gives us these ratings:

3, 6, 5, 6, 4 which averages to a solid six stars just because it have Monty Python in the name. Math can suck it. So this beer have currently obtained the highest rating ever achieved on a beer rating tests on this website.

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