Art on Wires workshops and KANDU Arduino workshop

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The last week have been a rather nice one, it started out with one day with full focus on my master thesis and I got a lot of work done, and with one workday done it was time to do cool stuff. So three of the days I participated in workshops arranged by Art-On-Wires ( and one day I helped holding a Arduino workshop for KANDU (
The workshops at Art On Wires was really cool, i learned a lot of stuff and met a lot of interesting people from all over the globe. Two of the days I attended a snuff workshop where we build our own radio frequencies sniffer device that could listen to all frequencies between 0.1 and 2.4 Ghz.

The awesome device

The first day we mainly build the device, talked a lot about it and how it could be used. The second day of the workshop I connected it up to the computer and wrote a application that can analyze the sound waves that the snuffer emits, and made a filter that can detect Bluetooth traffic. I did that through a furrier transformation and found the tones that where particulary high during Bluetooth communication. Other types of communication was not that easy to map as they did not spike any tones the same way as Bluetooth did, but they produces some quite distinctive wave forms, but I am not that good with signal processing so I just let it go and had a good time chatting with the other fellas instead.

 At the DIY workshop held by Andread Monopolis ( we first made the MOCM 555 timer kit (which I have done several times before) and then we started modifying it to use several sensors, other circuits and light to oscillate the timer and that was really a lot of fun. Andreas also have quite the focus on making things look pretty, as you can see from his projects, so we also had to build the device into a box. Mine ended out looking like this:

My Sound Box

At Saturday Roger and I was invited to KANDU to hold an Arduino workshop for about 20 people after the guy who was intended to hold it couldn’t do it. We introduced them to Arduino, showed them how to make a LED blink, how to make the Arduino take Input and how to communicate over Serial both to and from the computer. Everybody seemed to have a good time and we got some good feedback after the workshop. I must say that it was a completely different experience then doing the exact same stuff at the university, I really enjoyed it. I don’t have any pictures from the workshop, but I do have some from Art-On-Wires.

And to top it all off, I ended this week by making some great cupcakes.

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