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Training Master Students

Jan 31, 2012 1 Comment by

Once upon a time. I, the mighty master student, was granted the privilege to train two other master students and mold them in my image. This was a clever plan created by the two research lords who worked compiler magic to generate new programing languages for the working man to enjoy. Having two apprentices when [...]

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Led Clock Coding Tutorial

Jan 30, 2012 No Comments by

As you might know, or will know in three seconds, I have made a Binary Led Clock.  I posted a tutorial on how to build it with physical materials, by soldering and swearing. This time I will walk you through the code, and guess what, the code have hidden features that I have not implemented [...]

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Two-coloumn article

Jan 29, 2012 No Comments by

I don’t write a lot, but when I write scientific I use LaTeX. If you are above average in the field of common sense, you figured that I rather seldom write stuff in LaTeX, and that means that every time I’m writing stuff in LaTeX I must use google a lot. One could say that [...]

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Birthday at School

Jan 18, 2012 2 Comments

I must start of by saying thanks to all my friends, most of you congratulated me on facebook, but some of you went the extra mile to make my birthday a really special day. The day started as any other day, I went to school to work. When I got there, some of the girls [...]

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Film review: Starship troopers

Jan 17, 2012 1 Comment

This is a collective review of the movies Starship troopers 2 and three, and i must start of with saying that I started to write this review for about a week ago when I saw the two movies for the first time. The two movies motivated my a lot to write this review, and I [...]

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Rainbow cake

Jan 12, 2012 No Comments

Yesterday a challenge appeared, and I enjoy a good challenge, needless to say I jumped on it and got to work. The challenge was to make a mind blowing or totally awesome cake. Why? because I wanted to do it and apparently a lot of people wanted me, and nobody else, to make them cake. [...]

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Transitions in state machines

Jan 11, 2012 No Comments

I will write a little bit here about transitions in state machines just for myself but if you want to spend time reading it, go ahead. The reason for me to write about it here is that it is easier for me to write down something more suitable for others to read compared to the [...]

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Evil Vimbot

Jan 08, 2012 No Comments

A couple of years ago I bought a Vimbot from my friend Kyrre at Desucon. A Vimbot is a small vinyl figure that you can draw, paint, modify as you see fit. I have for a long time been thinking about what I should do with it without anything great coming to mind. During my [...]

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